Having a Shopify Store is an amazing way for managing your e-commerce business, from inventory to shipping details to analytics! Shopify's Collaborator Scheme allows you to give CampaignHero access to parts of your Shopify Store, which we can use to boost your Google Ads performance 📈

Collaborator Access allows you to control what parts of your Shopify we have access to, it can be removed at any time and does not count towards your staff limit. By giving CampaignHero access no changes to your physical site would happen, as we are only looking to improve the integration with Google Ads to get a better understanding of conversion data to increase future transactions.

How to give Collaborator Access

As it would improve your Advertising Campaigns it is recommended and it's also very easy to set up. CampaignHero has a verified Shopify Partner Account and can request Collaborator Access to your store. To set this up a 4-Digit Code will need to generate and shared with CampaignHero. Once this is generated and shared, CampaignHero will be able to request access to your Shopify.

To enable the code from your store's Users and permissions setting, select Only people with a collaborator request code can request access in the Collaborators section. Collaborator request codes are 4-digit codes that are automatically generated when you enable the requirement. You can expire the code and generate a new one at any time. Once this has been shared with your Success Team, we will have collaborator access and use this to help make your ad campaigns soar 🚀

Getting Ready for Ecommerce: Shopify - Creative Mind Consulting Group: Your  Marketing and Design Agency

If you want any support with Shopify and Ad Campaigns, feel free to reach out and contact us at support@campaignhero.ai and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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