Google Merchant Center is a brilliant tool used for e-commerce control. To create a Merchant Center account, you will need to have a Google Account. You can check out this simple guide below on how to get started! 👇

  1. Click on the Google Merchant Center link and hit Get Started.

  2. Enter your business name, country and timezone details.

  3. Choose where your customers will check out. Select all that applies.

  4. Choose other tools that apply

  5. Accept the terms and conditions

  6. Add your business address details and phone number for verification and then click on next.

  7. Enter your website URL to claim it to enable you start showing your products. Select ''Continue'' to proceed to the next stage.

  8. Add shipping details such as Shipping Service Name, Country & Currency and Delivery Location and hit ''Next''.

  9. Select how to add your products.

    You can do this through the following;

    a. Add products directly from your website.

    b. Add a single product at a time.

    c. Add multiple products using a product feed or API.

  10. Click on the arrow to go through Google's policies. Once completed, hit ''Start Final Review''.

  11. After the review has been completed, you can proceed to view your newly created Merchant Center Account!

If you wanted any support with Google's Merchant Centre or any Feed Issues, feel free to reach out and contact us at and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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