Every successful marketing campaign is built on having strong foundations and a for the future. The CampaignHero 12 week plan is designed to give your marketing the best chance for success, as part of our awarding winning process for setting your business up for long term impact & progress 🚀

The plan is divided into 3 key phases: Learning & Understanding, Refine & Optimise and Measure & Grow. These pillars of the plan allow for a structured approach with specific actions and goals to focus on as you progress with your marketing journey.

Learning & Understanding

Learning & Understanding allows CampaignHero's Success Team to get to know you and your business and find out your business and marketing goals. You'll be introduced to the Success Team, who will audit your existing campaign and site and will work towards setting up the best plan and campaigns for you.

You'll also be introduced to your CampaignHero app and be shown how to make the most of us & CampaingHero's features to make controlling and monitoring your ads and accounts easier and more efficient than ever 📈

Refine & Optimise

With your campaigns live, your Success Team will keep a close eye on its early performance and look to refine & optimise your account during its important learning period. Monitoring key metrics, based on your account goals, CampaignHero will look to make changes and recommendations to your account & website which will maximise conversions and build the foundation for a successful advertising campaign.

Measure & Grow

As your account continues to perform and grow, CampaignHero will keep looking to make improvements to get the maximum performance from your campaign, as a regular ongoing process. By monitoring your performance, your Success Team can look to expand to other advertising platforms or implement SEO to boost your online profile and get you closer to achieving your goals 🎯

If you want to get started with CampaignHero's 12 Week Plan and build a future for success, feel free to reach out and contact us at support@campaignhero.ai and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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