Performance Max campaigns use a series of creative assets to present your ads in the best format to the right audience. In order to run them successfully you will need to provide the following:

Note: If you are creating a Performance Max campaign with a Merchant Center linked and you don't have these assets, don't worry! Google will use images drawn from your Merchant Center.


Please provide between 5 and 15 images in the following dimensions.

  • At least 1 landscape image 1.91:1 (min. 600x314px | recommended 1200x628px)

  • At least 1 square image 1:1 (min. 300x300px | recommended 1200x1200px)

  • Optional portrait image 4:5 (min. 480x600px | recommended 960x1200px)


Between 1 and 5 logos in the following dimensions.

  • At least 1 square logo 1:1 (min. 128x128px | recommended 1200x1200px)

  • Optional landscape logo 4:1 (min. 512x128px | recommended 1200x300px)


Videos are optional for Performance Max campaigns, but we do see better results when they are provided. If you don't have any videos Google will put your images together as a slideshow to show when videos are necessary (such as Youtube Ads).

Please provide any videos as Youtube Links, ideally in 16:9 format, minimum length 10 seconds.


Performance Max campaigns need a number of headlines and descriptions. We will write these for you but if there's any information you'd like including let us know.

The character counts for these are below:

  • 3-5 headlines (max 30 characters)

  • 1-5 long headlines (max 90 characters)

  • 1 short description (max 60 characters)

  • 1-4 descriptions (max 90 characters)

If you wanted any support with Google's new Performance Max Campaigns, feel free to reach out and contact us at and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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