Having an effective SEO Strategy dictates the direction and actions taken to make boost your search engine ranking and organic traffic. It's important to have a clear, strong strategy to outline your business plan and the roadmap for the next months.

Strategies are based on the pillars of SEO, defining your business, keyword research, website structure, competitor analysis and SEO content to help your business and website grow 🚀

Creating your SEO Strategy

Defining your business and website allows for a specific strategy to be developed. Websites types are typically between business (service or product), E-commerce (selling products online) or content (media consumption) which allow for specific strategies to be developed. Location definition focuses on the scale & scope of your business which can be local, national or international.

Finding the right keywords

Keywords are the terms that your customers are using to find your website. This starts by finding your customer's purchase funnel and finding the best time and searches to target them and to get your brand to show. Metrics such as relevance, competition and volume of searches, as well as looking at competitor keywords, help to discover & choose the best keywords/phrases for your business and site.

Building a keyword sitemap

With the right keywords, it's important to have the right landing pages, as Google targets specific content, not general. These should be specific & within the character limits with strong intent and transaction possibility. These should vary by page, but also have a consistency that ties your whole site and company together.

Analysing Competition

Looking at competitor SEO can help develop your keywords. Competitors aren't just companies with the same services, but any competition fighting for similar keywords. We can use their SEO (keywords) to reverse-engineering and form your own strategy. This includes comparing images, content, backlinks and more to see where you may be coming up short and find opportunities to eclipse them.

SEO Friendly Content

As well as having a wealth of rich & valuable content, the content should also be optimised for SEO which can include optimising existing content and producing new, attractive pieces too. A vast amount of content demonstrates knowledge & trustworthiness, as well as being informative when attracting potential customers.

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Forming a strong SEO strategy is one of the best ways to grow your online presence as it can help accelerate your profile, search rank and organic traffic. These key pillars layout the plan of action over the next couple of months, to be implemented by our Success Team for you and your brand 📈

If you have any questions about SEO or want to get involved with then please speak with a member of our team and contact us at support@campaignhero.ai and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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