Performance Max is Google's new advertising campaign that is goal-based, to drive better performance based on your specific conversion goal, working with Shoppings, Search and Local Campaigns. Performance Max Campaigns allow you to create a single campaign that can have access to all Google Ads Channels (YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps) in one 🚀

Performance Max Campaigns use Google's automation technology to optimise campaigns in real-time across all their advertising channels using Smart Bidding. They provide you with better insights for all campaign types as well as using new advertising inventory with Google's smart campaigns. Using automation and your input signals (customer data, images, text, videos) helps to constantly improve your ads on all Google channels 🔍

Performance Max campaigns launch to all advertisers

What are the benefits of implementing a Performance Max Campaign are:

  • Unlocking new audiences across Google's channels & networks

  • Drive better performances against your goals

  • Advertise products and local stores across all formats

  • Get more transparent insights

  • Steer Google's automation with your campaign inputs

  • Simplify campaign management and ads optimisation

Being able to focus a campaign on a conversion goal helps to find more converting customers and engage them across different Google channels. This real-time understanding of consumer intents and audience signals can unlock more and more customers, and its assets reporting can help identify which factors are impacting performance and further optimise and expand your strategy.

The Performance Max Campaign is best when you have specific conversion and advertising goals, by using automation, input signals & simplicity of a single campaign across all Google Ad Inventory.

If you wanted any support with Google's new Performance Max Campaigns, feel free to reach out and contact us at and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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