With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, CampaignHero wants to help you prepare your ad campaigns to encourage sales and grow your online and brand presence 📈

Capitalising on Black Friday with the increased online traffic has lots of potential for revenue for e-commerce businesses. By creating the right strategy and campaigns you can see a growth in sales and better brand awareness as the holiday season approaches.

At CampaignHero we are always looking to implement strategies to help your ad campaigns and Black Friday presents you with an opportunity to make the most of. Take a look at some strategies you could implement and talk to our team for any advice or to get your campaigns up and running 🚀

Black Friday Ideas and Strategies

Black Friday 2021: Shop deals at Walmart, Target and more
  1. Introduce a Sales and Promotional Offer Campaign

Consumers look for the best sales and deals during Black Friday and your ads should make this as clear as possible to engage as many customers as you can. Having responsive search ads can target specific users with discounts that are best suited to them whether they're first time or returning customers.

2. Engage with your Customers with a Countdown

Using social media and newsletter platforms can help to encourage and build buzz and hype around your Black Friday sales and products. Making the most of social media posts can tease sales, offers and products whilst engaging more customers and leads for your business.

Creating gift and product guides and making the most of email marketing can give customers a better idea of offers and products and can reward loyal customers with early access or other promotions.

3. Offer More Benefits

Instead of just offering Black Friday Sales and promotions you can make your brand standout by offering discounts for a longer period for those who sign up or subscribe to your site. Customers are expecting sales, but by offering additional perks and benefits it can help you stand out whilst gaining more lead and long term customers.

Brands that standout and can capitalise on Black Friday can brilliantly position themselves to continue to grow and engage customers going into the holiday period and thinking long term. CampaignHero can provide support and help with Black Friday to help your business and revenue soar 💰

If you wanted any support with Black Friday Campaigns or wanted advice getting your campaigns up and running free to contact us at support@campaignhero.ai and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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