It's important to have accurate up-to-date information on your Facebook Business Page. Check out this simple guide to show you how to update your Facebook Business information 👇

start iorad content - don't remove it


1. The first step is to open your Facebook business page and click Edit Page Info

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2. Username will make it easier for people to find your page (you may need 25+ followers to create a username)

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3. Scroll Down to Contact add in your phone number, email and website

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4. Scroll down to Location and fill in your company's adress, city and zip code

Step 4 image

5. Scroll to Service Area - this is if you deliver goods or services to customers homes

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6. Scroll down Hours and select the most appropriate option for your business

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7. Scroll down to Temporary Service Changes

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8. Scroll down to Temporary Service Changes - if you have service changes then pick the most appropriate options for your business

Step 8 image

9. Scroll down and enter the URL that will lead customers to the pickup/delivery options

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10. Scroll down and enter the link to your Privacy Policy

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11. Scroll down and add in any Additional Information you want for your business

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12. Scroll down to Other Accounts where you can link your Facebook page to other social channels like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc

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13. The page will save automatically once you are finished. That's it. You're done

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start iorad content - don't remove it

If you need any further help please feel free to contact us at and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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