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What is a Smart Campaign and how can it be used for your online business?
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Smart Campaigns help businesses grow their online advertising by using smart technology to monitor and improve the performance of ads automatically.

These can be especially effective, as it allows Google to make improvements so that you can focus on other elements of your business or online advertising. Using phrases relevant to your business and the behaviour of customers to fine-tune bids to show ads to the right potential customers and learn how to predict better users in the future.

Smart campaigns helps small businesses reach more customers

Source: Google

How can Smart Campaigns be Used?

Smart Campaign Ads can be run on the Google Search Network and Display Network to maximise the reach that your ads can have, as well as the platforms they can run on πŸ”

Smart Campaigns use Google's learning algorithm to make predictions about where and who your ads should go, by assessing factors to determine how likely it is to generate a conversion.

As a business owner, you can select the main business goal (phone calls, store visits, website visits) and by setting a budget for each action, Google will try to get a conversion for the cost that you've set. Google uses smart bidding to adjust the amount bid for each ad to be shown and this is based on the budget you set.

Smart Campaigns are effective ways of automating the ad process by using Google's data and learning algorithm to maximise the reach and budget of your campaigns without needing extensive control and monitoring of them, allowing you to focus on other elements of your business.

If you would like to learn more about smart campaigns and create an active campaign please speak with a member of our team or opt in and contact us at and we'll be sure to help πŸš€

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