There are lots of different ads types, all of which have different purposes and situations when they can be best used. All these ads can be very effective when used properly and can cause growth and visibility (leading to conversions) for your business.

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Search Ads

Search ads are one of the most popular forms of PPC advertising, where you can pay for your ads to display above and below search engine results (where relevant). These ads are text-based containing a headline, URL and description and will show based on their ranking, CPC and quality score.

Search Ads use Google's Search Partner Network to showcase ads on search engines around the web. These include Google's pages (Maps, shopping) and other partner sites like The New York Times, The Guardian and Amazon.

Display & Video Ads

Display Ads are more visual with images, videos or banners to help engage and catch the attention of potential clients. Display ads can be images and banners that run on websites and search engines to remind people of your product and brand or can be more engaging like a YouTube Video ad or Gmail Banner.

Google Responsive Display Ads - Everything You Need to Know

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Shopping ads show the product in Google's Shopping Tab showing the image, price and name with other attributes so that they show relevant customers and search terms.

Shopping Campaigns help to showcase your products to potential users with links to websites or sellers so they can be instantly purchased. These ads help to target potential customers when they are looking for other relevant and similar products.

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