The Conversion Rate is one of the most important metrics for an online business, measuring the percentage of viewers that make a conversion on your website (or after seeing your ads) 📈

How can we use the Conversion Rate?

The Conversion Rate is calculated by (goal completions / total visitors) x 100 to generate a percentage of visitors who take the desired action. This can be a brilliant insight into the success of your website and ads and can be used to further optimise them to increase conversions.

As businesses want to maximise their online conversions, the higher the Conversion Rate the better the online business is performing 🚀

Conversions don't necessarily mean purchases. They can be any action that you want to be set as a goal (purchases, page visits, clicks, leads and more). These conversions can be tracked using CampaignHero's Conversion Tracking Service so that you get the best insights and metrics into how your business is performing 🔍

What is Conversion Rate in Business? The Science of Earning Customers -  Acquire

Source: Acquire

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