Over here at CampaignHero, we believe that communication is a key driving force for digital success. Regular communication with your account executive will help both parties focus on customer objectives, formulate well thought out campaigns and suggest profitable avenues that can scale your business.

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Additional Services Bolt-On (£50/month)

CampaignHero offers bi-weekly calls and custom reports as part of the additional services bolt-on so that you can keep on top of your company's marketing objectives. When you join CampaignHero on our most popular package (guided optimisations) you will have the opportunity to benefit from a 30-minute onboarding call and ongoing email correspondence.

If you would like a more dedicated communication package then the Additional Services Bolt-On is the right solution for you.

This package will allow you to have bi-weekly calls with your campaign executive so that you can discuss and set up a well thought out and clearly defined direction for the campaign, benefit from in-depth analysis, prioritise what's important to your business and set realistic timelines and expectations.

You will also benefit from custom reports which are curated by your account executive based upon the metrics that matter most to your business. The report will provide an in-depth analysis of your campaign, outline the key metrics, look at your top-performing keywords and do a deep dive into the overall health of your campaign.

Custom reporting combined with bi-weekly calls will help you keep on top of your digital campaign and make sure you are on track to smash your quarterly goals 💪

If you would like to opt into our additional services bolt-on so that you can maximise the expertise of your account executive then please sign up through the CampaignHero customer portal or contact us at support@campaignhero.ai

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