Having ads across multiple ad platforms helps to increase the awareness of your products and company and reaching new audiences and potential customers. This is why it's essential to explore additional advertising platforms to sky-rocket your ads reach 🚀

8 Tips To Create Multi-Platform eLearning Courses

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Additional Advertising Platform Service (£50/month per platform)

CampaignHero offers the service of expanding your advertising reach by setting up an ad campaign on different ad platforms. When joining CampaignHero, we offer a single ad platform based on your direction, but we strongly recommend diversifying and exploring multiple channels to increase impressions and conversions 📈

Google and Microsoft are often thought of as the main two advertising platforms as they have the widest reach and usage through their search engines. However,

platforms like Facebook are brilliantly tailored for E-Commerce and family businesses as they offer the ability to showcase products that are more relevant to customers with more ease. Customers can be targeted more effectively using Social Media Profiles and data so that you can fully focus on your market.

Cross-platform advertising is a brilliant way of broadening the reach of your ads, allowing different audiences and markets to interact with your business. Serving on both major search engines (Google and Microsoft) means you've got ads showing to almost all online users and using platforms like Facebook means shopping ads can be specifically targeted to the right users.

Having your ads serving on multiple platforms helps to reach a wider audience as well as being able to reach your target audience more easily. Considering using additional advertising platforms could lead to more customer interactions, boosting your brand visibility and sales 💰

If you would like to learn more about Additional Platform Advertising and the services we offer please speak with a member of our team and contact us at support@campaignhero.ai and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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