Businesses with E-commerce and products can be listed on Google Shopping so that they are accessible and clearly presented to any potential customers. Google prioritise and list products based on how well they have been optimised in Google's Merchant Centre and the better it's been optimised the more Google prioritise them.

As a result, CampaignHero's Advanced E-Commerce bolt-on is perfect for any business in retail with an online store. 🛒

Advanced E-Commerce Service (£50-100)

CampaignHero's Advanced E-commerce optimises the display and format of your products correctly in Google Shopping, such as title, description and product attributes. This bolt-on ensures your products are optimised for Google Shopping so that Google can identify your products and they show more often for relevant search terms for users as well 🔎

We offer this service as a service where we regularly check the health of your product feed and change and optimise it so that they serve the best. Google's algorithm and decision making are constantly evolving, so by having a dedicated team and service to stay on top of this, your products will continue to be updated to go above and beyond their requirements.

Depending on the complexity and volume of products to optimise, the Advanced E-commerce service fee could be £50 or £100 in order to ensure the best quality of product optimisation 📈

With Advanced E-Commerce set up, your products will be optimised so that they are preferred by Google and can be easily shown and listed for potential customers💰

If you would like to learn more about Advanced E-Commerce and the services we offer please speak with a member of our team and contact us at and we'll be sure to help 🚀

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