Website traffic is the number of users that visit your website and is an effective way of measuring how well your business attracts an audience.

Website traffic is often looked at as just "how many people visited your site", but by using further insights like page view time, or website behaviour you can get better insights into your website and optimise it for your clients 🔎

How can you use website traffic?

By understanding website traffic we can learn a lot about our customers and how they interact with your services. Instead of just total viewers we can now analyse and use metrics like:

  • When and where do users engage with your site?

  • How long do they spend in total and on certain pages?

  • What devices do they use to view your site?

  • What behavioural patterns do they follow?

  • What % of users result in a conversion?

Using our advanced conversion tracking you can measure the interactions that clients have with your site, and you can optimise layouts, placement or even re-strategise advertising campaigns based on the data collected from your website traffic.

Increasing website traffic can be done by having a logical and structured website layout, fast site speed and having high-value content, all of which will improve user experience and encourage them to engage with your site. All data is valuable and being able to use it correctly can be a massive boost to your business 🚀

Source: ShareThis

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