Text ads are some of the main ad formats for all advertising campaigns. They appear above and below search engine results, highlighting key information and links to web pages. They're made up of headlines, descriptions and links which help to captivate a customer and direct them to your site for conversions.

Why use text ads?

Text ads are the most versatile ad format, as they can contain any information with links, information and promotions for a range of products and categories. In addition to the traditional text, they can have ad extensions accompanying them with contact details, prices and more elements to engage potential customers.

The ads have three headlines (in blue text, separated with | ). They tend to contain a key headline, an offer or promo and a call to action to grab the main attention. The link (in green) direct the customer to the landing or product page of a site and the description goes into more detail about the service or product being advertised.

All fields have a restricted character length, but at CampaignHero we can utilise this to make eye-catching headlines and effective advertising campaigns for the users. They can also fit all platforms, where display or video ads might not be accepted as well as translating well on mobile and desktop platforms. This helps to broaden the reach and guarantee a large audience viewership.

Google Text Ads Get Bigger | Character Limits & Description Lines Expand |  PPC hubbub

Source: PPC Hubbub

If this is something you would like to opt-in for, you can do so through the in-app option. If you have any other queries, email at us support@campaignhero.ai.

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