Google Search Partners are sites that partner with Google to show ads and free product listings. These help extend the reach of Google Search Ads to non-Google websites, as well as YouTube and other Google Sites.

Why Should You Opt-in to Google Search Partners?

Google Search Partners are all searches that happen on non-Google search sites. This includes sites like YouTube and who embed Google Ads after visitor's search for videos or products.

There are over 500,000 live sites that use Google Custom Search Engine to power their site searches such as The New York Times, The Guardian, W3Schools and many more. By opting into Google's Search Partners, it increases the number of sites your ads appear. It will increase the search volume and adWord competition statistics if the target includes "Google and Search Partners."

Using Google's Search Partners you'll be able to get more search volume numbers and potentially better insights by using the data from different search engines. By opting in, it could be very effective for your campaign and should be something to consider for boosting impressions and search volumes.

What are search partners in the Google Search Network and should you use  them? | AdPilot

Source: AdPilot

If this is something you would like to opt-in for, you can do so through the in-app option. If you have any other queries, email at us

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