Maximising conversions automatically sets bids to help get the most conversions for your campaign while sticking within your budget. It uses advanced machine learning to automatically optimise tailored for each auction 💰

Opting in to Maximise Conversions

Using historical data about your campaign and evaluating contextual signals, Maximise Conversions Bidding finds the best bid at a given time for your ad to appear. It tailors each bid and auction to get the cheapest conversions available for your budget.

This could see an increase in the amount spent, as it will try to fully spend your daily budget to drive conversions. There may also be a decrease in other metrics, like clicks or impressions, as the algorithm targets users who are most likely to convert.

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Source: Neil Patel

If this is something you would like to opt-in for, you can do so through the in-app option. If you have any other queries, email at us

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