In addition to CampaignHero's primary service packages, we've introduced some optional bolt-ons which can help take you a step further in growing your business online 🚀

Increase your businesses presence further wih a more comprehensive digital strategy and more.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a verified Business Profile offered by Google to gain visibility for your company and stand out on the search engine results page, as well as in other platforms like Google Maps. 🔎 Having this listing, with correct information, is essential for local SEO.

Google My Business Listing - Amy's Bakery

Set-Up (£100)

Our one-off Set-Up Service, for £100, sets up all elements of a Google My Business Listing at a professional and expert standard for you. This is perfect for businesses without a listing or a basic setup that needs re-doing.

Management & Optimisation (£50/month)

A comprehensive management and optimisation service for £50 per month. This helps to regularly keep your profile updated, meeting Google's ever-changing guidelines and helping with Google's public online profile.

Advanced E-Commerce (£50-100)

E-commerce businesses can have their products listed on Google Shopping or for Free in Google Shopping listings making them accessible and clearly presented to any potential customers.

Google prioritise and list products based on how well they have been optimised in Google's Merchant Centre. More detailed and correctly structured product information leads to better results and cheaper ads.

CampaignHero's Advanced E-Commerce Service, for £50 to £100 per month (depending on complexity), optimises your product shopping feed for Google to help you rank higher and your ads perform better 🛒 Saving you money in the long run that might be being wasted on or performing products.

Advanced Conversion Tracking (£50)

Conversion tracking gives you insights into customer interactions with your website allowing you to quantify the results of your advertising efforts and better optimise for greater success 🔎

Track important metrics like:

  • Purchases, with revenue

  • Amount of traffic a page gets

  • Leads and Contact from clients (forms/calls/emails)

  • Time spend on a page or product

Our advanced conversion tracking allows it to be professionally set up and controlled by our team, with more complexity for more in-detail tracking of events 📈

*Basic conversion tracking is available for websites on popular platforms like Shopify as part of CampaignHero's main packages.

Advanced Ad Fraud Protection (£25/month)

Ad Fraud can be a huge problem for online businesses, causing money to be spent on ads without a return or a customer even seeing it.

CampaignHero offers an Advanced Ad Fraud Protection Service, for £25, which monitors and analyses the quality of each click and blocks all suspicious and fraudulent activity immediately 🔒

This saves you money, as it's not being wasted on fake clicks and your ads can serve directly and only to your customers and by helping block and prevent fraudulent activity on your ads, it's a great investment for all your ad campaigns.

Best Ad Fraud Detection Companies for Publishers 2020 - Automatad

Source: Header Bidding

Landing Page (£100 Set-up + £10 p/m)

Having a professional and user-friendly website/landing page allows your customers to engage with your business and drive conversions 🖥️

"Hero Pages" deliver the online experience that drives leads.

Your site would work on any device, visually and functionally, and be optimised to have lightning-fast loading times to get your customers information as quickly as possible. Features like Click-To-Call, image galleries & custom forms allow you to drive business results with ease 📈

This service is perfect for businesses needing their first website or for those looking to level up their online presence, delivering world-class website design affordably 💰

Additional Platform Bold-On (£50/month)

Having ads across multiple ad platforms helps to increase your share of the market, reach new audiences and potential customers while they are looking for products or services like yours. Or put yourself in front of your most likely customers. 🚀

When joining, we offer advertising on your choice of platform, but we strongly recommend diversifying and exploring multiple channels to increase impressions and exposure. Our Additional Platform Service offers running and managing ads on an additional ads platform.

Having cross-platform ads on Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more could lead to more customer interactions, boosting your brand visibility and sales 📈

Additional Support (£50/month)

CampaignHero's Additional Support offers bi-weekly calls and custom reports as part of the additional services bolt-on so that you can keep on top of your company's marketing objectives. This allows you to discuss and set up a well thought out and clearly defined direction for the campaign, benefit from in-depth analysis, prioritise what's important to your business and set realistic timelines and expectations.

Source: Nextiva

You will also benefit from custom reports which are curated by your account executive based upon the metrics that matter most to your business. The report will provide an in-depth analysis of your campaign, outline the key metrics, look at your top-performing keywords and do a deep dive into the overall health of your campaign.

These bolt-ons can be easily added through the customer portal and you can follow this guide for a walkthrough of the process! Reach out to a member of the team to learn more, or click on the titles in this article.

If you would like to add these bolt-ons it can be done through the CampaignHero Customer Portal, or if you would like to learn more about them, feel free to contact us at 🚀

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