Although PPC advertising has the ability to work overnight, it can take up to 3 months to start working optimally and delivering profitable results.

This initial 3 month training period allows the campaign to gather valuable data that your account executives can use to make better-informed decisions regarding keyword targeting, audience targeting and bids.

Why Can It Take 3 Months To Start Achieving Great Results?

New Campaigns Have Zero Data

A new Google ads/Microsoft advertising campaign will have zero data to use when it is first launched. It will take time for the campaign to gather this initial data. Once the data has been gathered, your account executives will be able to make much better optimisations decisions that will benefit your campaign and improve performance.

New Campaigns Have Zero Performance Data

Whether you are advertising on Google, Bing or Facebook, these platforms will use a quality score system to gauge the quality of your ads. Although ad networks can assign quality scores immediately, these scores are based on an estimate of the expected click-through rate, landing page experience and ad relevance.

As the platform gathers more data these metrics can change and networks like Google ads will be able to provide a more accurate quality score, which can help your ads perform better within ad auctions.

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