Visual images play a huge role in e-commerce these days and you cannot overlook their importance if you want to be a successful merchant on google.

Images play a massive role in a consumers decision to click through to your website after viewing your products on Google search and when combined with effective titles and descriptions, consumers are even more likely to engage with the product.

Why Are High-Quality Images Important on Google Shopping?

One of the big problems with online shopping is that people cannot touch the product, feel the texture or determine the weight etc. This is why images are so important as they can add an extra descriptive layer to the product which would not be present if only a product title and description were available.

Furthermore, consumers are 65% more likely to remember a product if a relevant product picture is paired with the product title/description.

Images are also one of the biggest elements present in a google shopping ad and can grab the attention of a consumer. Studies show that the image is one of the first things a consumer looks at, followed by price and title.

A good product image combined with an optimised product title/description can result in higher click-through rates and more conversions, whats not to love?

Product Image Best Practices

Good Quality Images

Make sure your picture has a high resolution so that it can communicate effectively to consumers

The size of images is also very important. Typically, larger higher quality images outperform smaller images. Google minimum size settings are 100x100, however, it has been shown that images with 800x800 pixels or larger are more visually appealing and do much better than smaller images.

Make Your Product Pop

Have a look at your images and make sure backgrounds or props are not overshadowing your product. You want your product to be the focus of attention when consumers are perusing Google shopping.

A google best practice is to have the product take up more than 75% but less than 90% of the image

Add Extra Images

You can add extra images using the additional_image_link attribute. This will allow you to show your product from different angles and can give the consumer a better idea of how to product will fit into their life.

Credit: Data Feed Watch

Google Shopping Product Images play a huge role in the customer's decision to visit your website and make a conversion. When done right, they can have a massive impact on the success of your e-commerce.

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