Product descriptions are a very important part of any successful Google ads shopping campaign. One of the reasons your products shop up for relevant search queries is due to the contents of your product description, as well as your product title and image.

Therefore, product descriptions should be a priority when optimising google shopping campaigns

Why Are Product Descriptions Important?

Increase Your Impressions Share

When someone types in keywords relevant to your product, Google will crawl your product feed to make sure your product matches what the consumer is looking for.

That is why it's important to not only think about keyword placement within your title but also your description, as Google will use those keywords to determine if your product should appear on Google shopping.

The description needs to add value, so keyword stuffing not only is unbeneficial but can also hurt the performance of your products.

Add Value To Customers

Not all customers will read your descriptions. However, the ones that do have already looked at the product picture and title and are therefore interested in your product. A good product description will add even more value to these consumers and entice them to click through to the site.

You can also set expectations in the description. If your product has certain requirements, such as washing instructions, including this in the description will lead to less unhappy customers as they know what to expect.

Product Description Character Length

Although Google allows up to 5000 characters in a description, there is no need to have this many characters, and it may even harm your performance if you have too many characters. The exact character length is disputed amongst Google ads practitioners, however, over here at CampaignHero, we believe that 501 - 1500 characters is the optimal length for product descriptions.

The first 140-180 characters of your product description are shown on Google SERP so make sure you put the most important information first.

A structure to follow:

  • Brand

  • Product types

  • Target market

  • Benefits

What Not To Include

There are certain things that you may think are beneficial from a sales perspective, however, they can be detrimental to the performance of your product

  • Promotional text like Sale Now or 20% Off

  • Billing, Sales or Payment information

  • Block capitals

  • Googles product taxonomy - Apparel & Accessories > Costumes & Accessories > Masks

  • Product comparisons

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