What Are Google Shopping Titles

Google shopping titles help Google identify what your products are and when they should show them to potential customers searching for products like yours.

Think of your title as your keywords, they are the heartbeat of your google shopping campaigns and one of the mains areas you should be looking to optimise.

Google uses these titles to determine whether your products are relevant to search queries like 'children's hoodies' or 'blue jeans' etc. It is also the first thing a consumer reads when they are searching for products like yours.

If your titles are vague and irrelevant then Google shopping will struggle to identify what you are trying to sell. Having quality descriptions and images, help Google to identify and the product and entice customers as well.

What To Include In Product Titles

There is not a one size fits all answer to this question. You will need to think about what products you are selling and what is important to your customers when they are searching for your products.

This may be the brand name, colour, benefits of the product, product uses etc.

For example, if you are an e-commerce fashion website and you sell men and women's shoes you may want to have colour, size, gender, material, patterns etc.

Below I conducted a search for 'blue shoes' and the first product that appears is Dior's B22 Sneakers. Within their title, they have the colour, material, gender and size - all important attributes when it comes to selling sneakers.

How Long Should My Title Be?

The optimum length of a product title is between 75 - 125 characters long. Now you may be wondering, does this actually make a difference? The answer is yes, it definitely does!

If your title does not have many characters then Google is going to struggle to understand what you are selling which means you are less likely to show up the search results. If you do show up in the search results then your cost per click is going to be higher as Google is not sure it's relevant to the search queries.

Furthermore, although your full title will not be seen by the customer, it still helps Google identify your products through the keywords you add. So don't be afraid to keywords at the end of the title, this is still very useful!


Titles are one of the most important parts of your shopping campaigns and proper optimisations will help your products appear for more relevant searches, reduce your CPC, increase clicks and CTR and improve your conversion rate.

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