What Are Bid Adjustment

Bid adjustments give you the freedom to show your ads more or less frequently. It is a percentage change on your bid that allows you to increase or decrease your bid for better control over your campaigns.

For example, if you sell your products across England and you have targeted cities individually, you could put a bid adjustment on certain cities based upon their performances.

Adjusting bids on locations is not the only area you an use this handy Google ads technique. The table below outlines all the areas where bid adjustments can be made at the campaign and ad group level

How Bid Adjustment Work

Let us say you have a campaign that is performing well on desktop computers. Your max CPC bid is currently sitting at £1 and you want to make a %20 bid adjustment for desktop computers

Starting Bid: £1

Desktop Bid Adjustment: £1 + (+20%)

Resulting bid for searches on Desktops: £1.20

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