The number of people searching for local businesses on Google, just like yours, is forever increasing. Make sure you capture the intent of these customers by creating a GMB. It's fast and easy to set up and will set you ahead of your competitors.

Benefits Of Google My Business For Small Local Businesses

Increase Your Visibility on Google Search and Maps

If you are struggling to get your business found online then setting up a GMB is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of getting being found online by both new and repeat customers. Lots of these consumers who are potentially looking for your services are increasingly using location-specific terms to find services and businesses that can solve their problems.

Maybe the consumers' problem is they're out and about and very hungry. They want to find close and local food shops/restaurants that have great reviews and sell great food. They may type in 'places to eat near me. When searches like this are conducted, the consumer is shown three close locations that they can choose from on google maps. The three businesses that appear to them on google maps have a GMB and have a much better chance of getting new customers into their shops/restaurants. If any of these businesses did not have a GMB, they would not have appeared. This really outlines how valuable this is to local businesses as there is lots of potential to miss out on revenue from new customers.

Fast and Cost-Effective Set-Up For Google My Business

Setting up a GMB profile is completely free and will give you 'real estate' on the biggest search engine in the world. As many as 46% of all Google searches are local, that is a staggering amount of people searching for local businesses just like yours!

With a GMB profile, customers can find out your opening times, check out customers reviews, look at products pictures/videos and get directions to your shop. You can even post messages for your customers and reply to reviews. You get all this and more for a free and easy to set up platform. What is not to like?


If you are an SME local business, I would say it's essential that you have a GMB account. The benefits far outweigh the time it takes to set it up and you will be one step closer to digital success

Over here at CampaignHero, we are experts in all things local including listings and ads campaigns. So if you need a hand setting up your GMB and optimising it, then give us a shout.

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