Fixing ‘Promotional Overlay Error’ in Merchant Centre With Feed Rules

So you have set up your Merchant centre, your feed has been verified, you have linked with your google ads account and you are all ready to go!

OH NO! Several of your products have now been banned because of promotional overlays.

Not to worry, there is an easy fix for this common problem through the use of feed rules!

This explanation will be based on merchants that are using Shopify but the same process can be applied to other e-commerce platforms.

Before We Dive Into Feed Rules

Firstly, let’s make sure you have tried the quick wins. There is an automatic improvement programme within the merchant centre that will try and fix the image for you so that it falls in line with googles requirements.

Head over to your merchant centre and navigate to the tools bar on the top right-hand side and click on automatic improvements.

After this, you will be brought to a screen with two options, one of the options is ‘image improvements’. Click on this and enable automatic image improvements.

Google will then apply their algorithm and try to remove the overlays that affecting your products like the image below

If this does not work for you then read on to learn how to fix this using feed rules.

Feed Rules For Image Overlay Errors

Uploading New Image into Shopify

First, you will need to upload a new product image on your Shopify platform. However, a lot of people may not want the image to be on their site and just want to use it for their shopping campaign.

There is an easy way to do this via Shopify, Go to the URL for your Shopify and put a the word file at the end, like so - [YourShopifyURL]

You will then be taken to a page where you can upload any images you want and store them. A URL will then be created and this URL can be used in the feed rule.

Feed Rule

Feed rules are great ways to make changes yo your feed without having to go into the feed source.

To start setting up a feed rule you will have to navigate to products > feeds then click on your feed (content API)

Once you click through you will be taken to a window and you should see feed rules, click on ‘feed rules’ and then click on the blue plus button.

Click on processes attributed. Now, since we want to change the image link, scroll through all the options and find the ‘image link’ attribute

Now we need to set a condition. A condition is a way for you to tell Google that you want this feed rule to only apply when certain conditions are met. For us, we only want to change the image of the affected product.

So our condition would be as follows - Content API.ID equals (product id)

You will then want to ‘set to’ and then past your image link into the box (we don’t have an image URL but just post it in the box that says ‘type or select’

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