What Are Local Service Ads

Local service ads are ideal for local service providers, such as plumbers or lawyers, that are looking for new customers on google search.

When local service ads appear in front of the customer, can read about the business, check out reviews left by previous customers and contact the service provider.

These types of ads work in tandem with google ads and will not be replacing the standard format of google ads. They also work off a Cost-Per-Lead basis which differs from the bidding options present within google ads.

You can also build trust amongst your consumers through the Google guarantee or Google screened badges which mean you are trusted, verified and backed by Google.

Who Is Eligible For Local Service Ads?

Both home and professional servicemen and women can use local service ads to build trust, generate leads and expand their business. Below you can find the main categories of services that are allowed to use local service ads. If you would like to full list then click here.

Benefits Of Local Service Ads

If you are a local business offering any of the above services then local service ads could add a lot of value to your business.

  1. They appear above normal google ads thus increasing exposure and giving you more real estate on google search.

2. You no longer have to pay for clicks that may or may not turn into a conversion. With local service ads, you only pay for leads that are valuable to your business

3. Connect with customers who are specifically looking for your services and are most likely to book an appointment or request your specialist services

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