Local Campaigns

Local campaigns are a great option for small local businesses just like yourself! They are geared towards driving footfall to your brick and mortar store.

The campaign promotes your business across all the different google channels; Search, Youtube, Maps, and the Display Network.

It relies on Google's immense computing capacity to optimise the local campaign and drive footfall. You simply need to add creative assets and headlines/descriptions and Google will do the rest for you.

Local Campaign Requirments

There are a few requirements before you can launch a local campaign. One of the more obvious ones is the requirement to have a physical store that consumers can visit to purchase products or use your services. You must also have a Google My Business account set up and connected to your google ads campaigns and Google My Business has many other benefits for local businesses.

If you wish to track store visits as conversions there are a couple of more complex requirements that Google requires. To find out more about tracking store visits as conversions click here.

How Do Local Campaigns Work?

The main benefit of local campaigns is the ability to use Google’s online advertising platform to achieve your offline business goals.

When creating the campaigns you will give Google the shops location, the campaign budget and the ad assets. Google will then use its powerful machine learning to optimise your bids, choose ad placements and integrate your assets into different combinations.

The main goal of the campaign is to drive actions that will benefit your store offline, such as shop visits, call clicks and/or direction clicks.

Another benefit of local campaigns is Google’s use of radius targeting which will trigger your ad to appeal when consumers are close to your shop.

Where Will Your Ads Appear?

Ads running on local campaigns can appear across Google Maps, Google search, Display network and Youtube.

Google Maps

If a customer is using Google maps to search for services or products similar to your own, then Google will activate your ads and show to consumers that are near your shop and also interested in the products or services similar to what you provide

Source: Google

Google Search Network

If a consumer is using google search to locate products or services that are nearby, your ad may appear within the search engine results page (SERP)

Source: Google


Your ads can also appear on Youtube if someone is nearby and scrolling through youtube.

Source: Google

Display Network

Finally, your ads may also appear across the most relevant sites within the display network

Source: Google

How To Set Up Local Campaigns

Creating a local campaign is simple. Navigate to the campaign creation window and you will be met with a familiar sight.

Simply select local store visits and promotions and the local campaign type will be automatically selected.

Who Are They For?

Local SME’s can leverage these types of ads if they wish to drive more in-store traffic. A local hair boutique could use these campaigns to drive more calls to their business and increase their customer base. Local food shops could advertise their new selection of food to consumers looking for a tasty bite to eat while walking about town. There are lots of wonderful ways local SME’s could use this new local campaign type to achieve great results, so what are you waiting for?

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