Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping Campaigns are one of Googles newest shopping campaign formats. It utilises machine learning to enhance the performance of shopping campaigns by targeting new customers and retaining high-value customers across a variety of digital channels.

On average, compared to standard shopping campaigns using smart bidding options, smart shopping campaigns drive significantly more conversion value. It has been shown that on average, smart shopping campaigns contribute towards a 30% increase in conversion value at a similar cost to standard shopping campaigns.

Using machine learning, smart shopping campaigns are able to show customers the right products at the right time across a number of channels on a huge scale.

With only one campaign your products will be advertised on Google search, Google Display Ads, Youtube & Gmail.

Smart shopping campaigns also use an automated algorithm to optimise bids across networks while shifting budgets in response to real-time changes in demand. This change in demand could stem from seasonal changes or unpredictable market fluctuations.

The smart campaigns also optimise towards several different business goals that complement your business objectives.

Achieving Your Business Goals With Smart Shopping Campaigns

To achieve your business goals Smart shopping campaigns will automate and optimise around the goals you have set.

There are a variety of goals to pick from including online sales, store visits, and new customer acquisition.

Source: Asana

With the online sales option, you can set your own return on ad spend (ROAS) based upon your own profit margins.

If store visits are important to you can integrate Local Inventory ads seamlessly into Smart shopping campaigns and drive more store visits. If your not sure what local inventory ads are, we have a great article that explains them in-depth, just click here to find out more.

If your marketing goal is to acquire new customers then why not choose new customer acquisition as a smart shopping campaign goal. It allows you to set a value for new customers that will be taken into account when the smart shopping campaign is optimising towards your marketing goals.

What Type Of Ad Formats Are Integrated Into Smart Shopping Campaigns?

Smart shopping campaigns optimise for success by using the standard product listing ads (PLA).

In addition to the PLA's, the campaigns also integrate showcase shopping das. These ads usually surface for broad non-branded terms such as 'summer shoes' and appear above paid search results and alongside PLA. Below is an example of a PLA (left), and a showcase ad (right)

Source: thoughtshift

There is also a video integration option that allows your products to be shown across the display network in video format. Many believe, myself included, that video ads are more successful than picture ads and have been shown to drive more engagement which could ultimately result in a product sale.

How Do Smart Shopping Campaigns Reach Existing High-Value Customers and New Customers?

Smart shopping ads that are advertised on the display network using dynamic prospecting to reach existing customers that are already important to your business and new customers that are likely to purchase your products.

Source: Multiligo

To identify these customers the campaign will use signals from your top 5 audiences and use this data to reach existing and new customers.

These ads will also use data from your product feed to identify high converting products and show them to new customers based upon a number of real-time signals such as recent online activity, demographics, user profile, customer intent and much more.


Leaning into a fully automated campaign may seem scary at first however the benefits of smart shopping campaigns certainly outway any negatives. Give them a go today and see what kind of results you can produce.

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