If you have an account executive or someone taking care of your shopping campaigns they will, or should, be going into the account and looking for optimisation opportunities.

This can include adding negative keywords to the campaign or doubling down on well-performing products and cutting off the slack.

However, there are also a couple of things you can do to help your Google shopping campaigns which may be outwith the remit of your account manager.

High-Quality Pictures

Having high-quality pictures that promote your products traits and characteristics in an aesthetically pleasing way can do wonders for your click-through rate (CTR). Have a think about your brand image and how you would like to be perceived on Google shopping.

Jump onto Google right now and search for products related to your inventory and check out what kind of pictures they are using.

A quick search on Google shopping presents us with two companies, both selling the same product.

Which one do you think looks better?

If you chose the right one then you are correct. The image on the right has more colour, it shows kids using the product and is just more aesthetically pleasing than the picture on the left.

Have a think about what you want your product images to say to the customer.

Improve Website and Product Pages

Getting someone to click on your shopping ad is only half the battle. You want to make sure that you have optimised your website so that it converts potential customers into actual customers.

A great way to optimise your website is to collect product reviews. Product reviews act as social proof which garners trust amongst website visitors and encourages them to purchase your products.

A great way to capture customer reviews is to set up an email list of people who have purchased your products. You can automate an email to be sent out to these customers after they purchase your products (make sure you take into account your shipping times) and ask them for a review.

This will really set you apart from your competitors and will massively increase your conversion rate.

Once you have reviews you can put them on your product pages or even create a page entirely dedicated to reviews!

Improve Your Product Descriptions

Improving your product titles so that they better represent your target market can do wonders for your conversion rate.

Have a think about the type of person that will be buying your products and what type of language they use. How is that product going to benefit them and solve the problem they have. What product characteristics do they care about..colour, size, material? Add it all in.

You want your product titles to resonate with them on a personal level.

Product Videos

Product videos are a great visual asset you can use to heighten interest amongst your customers. This can be in different formats like gifs or just a short clip of you or customers showing off the product and how to use it.

Don't worry if you do not have a professional videographer. Consumers like it when videos show real people using the products. It gives them a great idea of how the product would fit into their environment.

Mobile-Friendly Pages

We all know by this point that mobile surfing is a BIG thing. The number of consumers searching for products on their mobile phones is staggering. Here is a quick figure - 79% of mobile consumers in the USA have made a purchase on their phone in the last 6 months!

You have to make sure your product pages look just as good on your mobile as it does on your desktop. Test it out, jump onto your website right now on your mobile and think about how it looks, how it feels, does it flow well, are there weird clumped up photos. Make sure your banners or chat icons are not covering up the purchase buttons.

Spending a bit of time optimising your website for mobile, or hiring a web developer, could really help you smash your conversion goals.


There we have it! Our top tips for things YOU can do to help your google shopping campaigns. We hope this has been helpful, and of course, give us a shout for any more advice!

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