What is the Google Ads Search Partner Network?

When you set up a new search network campaign in Google Ads, you have a couple of different setting options you can play around with. One option is the network feature, this allows you to pick which networks you would like your ads to be shown on. One of the choices you can pick is the search network.

Google Ads search partner network is an extensive group of non-google affiliated sites that have partnered with Google to extend the reach of search ads.

Google search partner network include non-google websites, such as Youtube, and Google websites including Google Play, Gmail and many more. The network can also expand the reach of shopping campaigns by displaying your product on non-google shopping sites.

There is no definitive list of partner sites available on the internet, however, some of the well-known sites are Amazon, The Guardian, The New York Times and Youtube.

Should I Use the Search Partner Network?

The search partner network can increase the reach of your ads which allows to reach new customers, It has also been shown to generate a lower cost-per-click (CPC)

However, ads running on Google partner networks can also have a worse conversion rate and click-through rate (CTR) than Google search. Google do state that search partners CTR will not impact your keyword Quality Score, however, it may affect your overall campaign performance.

If you are thinking about including the search partner network it is best to keep an eye on it by segmenting your data by 'network' within the 'campaign' section of the Google Ads platform.

First, navigate to the campaign section when you are in Google ads.

Then go over to 'segment' and 'networks'

You can do this at the campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword level. This will allow you to keep an eye on the different data to see what is working on the partner network and what is not.

Google does not allow you to pause specific keywords on the search partner network if they are particular ones that are underperforming. However, you may not want to exclude the partner network from the entire campaign as some keywords could be performing very well and converting better than Google search placements.

To overcome this particular problem and retain a foothold in the search partner network, a best practice is to pause underperforming search partner keywords and make a new search campaign, with those underperforming keywords, that excludes the search partner network.

By default, Google will include the search partners in all-new search campaigns. To exclude the partner network from your campaigns simply go to settings in the bottom right-hand side of your Google Ads dashboard

On the right-hand side, you will find several options including 'networks'. Click the ticked box beside the search partners network to exclude it from the campaign.


There are a couple of positive and negative that comes with using the search partner network.

You can benefit from a lower CPC, thus saving you money. You can also reach a wider network of customers, meaning your ads may be shown to new and interested audiences.

However, it also has its drawbacks, such as lower conversions rates and lower CTR's.

This shows that the search partners network can be used to good effect as long as you keep a close eye on the data and monitor performances across the different networks.

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