Auto Applied Recommendations is a great new feature from Google Ads, released in January 2019, that helps you apply best-practice recommendations in your client's ad accounts, so your account managers can focus on their broader marketing goals 📈

What can AAR do for you?

Auto Applied Recommendations have 3 main goals to help better optimize your Google ads account 👇

  1. Scale Best Practice

  • this allows you to apply tailored recommendations based on your clients' goals and settings, so they don't miss out on any potential customers.

2. Improve Performance

  • Google ensures the most relevant recommendations to help improve optimisation score. They also include performance history, recent trends, and campaign settings.

3. Boost Efficiency

  • Auto Applied Recommendations allow you to spend less time on manual tasks as they are automatically added.

Credit: Search Engine Land

AAR Dashboard

Within the Auto Applied Recommendations dashboard, you are able to select the recommendations that you/your clients want to opt into.

You are able to select between 👇

The main goal for the Auto Applied Recommendations is to increase your optimisation score to achieve better performances across your Google Ads campaigns, benefiting the conversions, impressions and results for your business. 👊

Please get in touch with the team today to learn more about Auto Applied Recommendations 😄

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