Having a good variation of ads in your ad groups is important.
But it can be difficult to know what makes a good ad and what makes a bad ad. One interesting way of analysing the effectiveness and variety of your ad-copies is something called sentiment analysis.

Using sentiment analysis we can start to classify the types of ad-copy that we have in our campaigns and make sure we have a good variety and that our ads are really conveying the message we want.

For example, using text and sentiment analysis we can label all the ads we have that mention words related to pricing. like "cheap", "value", "free" or everything that demonstrates a claim "best, cheapest, newest" by grouping our ads in this way it can be easier to tell if we're really giving a potential customer what they might want.

A common use for this we find is demonstrating gaps in potential value - when we analyse the terms in your ads we might notice that you commonly talk about price in 80% of your ads but only mention next day shipping (a really popular option) in 5% of the ads.

Seeing this visually and adjusting your strategy can be really powerful in improving both CTR and conversions so reach out to us today so we can conduct a bespoke analysis for your campaigns!

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