Despite all the magical technical advances of digital advertising, one thing remains important.

The creative and copy that make up an "ad" has a huge impact on the performance of any campaign. In the end, a highly relevant ad that addresses the customer's needs should be our guiding light as an advertiser.

Digital marketing however has helped advertisers to better test which ads work and why - for example - we recommend ensuring having at least 3 ads in an ad group or asset, which can be rotated to show the best performing ad over time!

So that's the end of the story right, make three ads and the best one wins...

Well no, we can't stop there, there are two things worth considering that mean we can further improve:

Just because YOUR BEST ad is showing doesn't mean it is THE BEST ad is showing. Just because something performed well today, doesn't mean it will perform well tomorrow (or for the rest of eternity!)

To make the most of our marketing we need to use the benefits of technology to allow us to push the limits for our customers. That's why, once we see one ad in a group or set is performing worse than others, we need to do more than just leave it to never show in a state of limbo.

We can take action

Pausing the under-performing ad, and replacing it with a new variant of our best performing ad. Once an ad has been running for an extended period of time, look to refresh the group with new fresh ideas to keep it relevant.

Using these simple & free techniques, we can often see an uplift in CTR of up to 20%! Plus, we can improve quality score AND improve our relevance score on Facebook!

Top Tip: Try reviewing your ads performance at ad group level semi-regularly and testing out new, similar varients to your top-performing ad while pausing your least successful.

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