Quality Score in Google Ads or, Relevancy Score in Facebook Ads are made up of a variety of factors, they are important metrics to measure and improve as they directly affect how much you pay per click, so better quality = cheaper traffic!

Google Ads looks at:

  • Your click-through rate (CTR). The relevance of each keyword to its ad group. Landing page quality and relevance. The relevance of your ad text. Your historical AdWords account performance.

Whilst Facebook primarily looks at expected positive and negative feedback, overall it looks at the below factors:

  • Audience Definition, Ad Relevance, Freshness, Expected Feedback. Campaign Objective

CampaignHero helps you improve your Quality across both these networks through a few of its improvements:

  • Account Quality Score (impression weighted) - this calculation gives you an overall view of the quality of your account, weighted by the number of impressions on each asset or keyword.

  • Pillay Score - This metric measures your historical quality score against your current quality score and gives you a ratio for how much you're currently improving it by - it's useful to monitor this to get an idea of how much your work, agency, or internal team are improving your quality score each month.

In addition to this, CampaignHero premium users can access a fully managed service where our team and technology will also analyse your quality score based on things like:

  • Landing Page Quality

  • Expected Click-Through Rate

  • Ad Strength

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