An Introduction to CampaignHero, Our App and what It Can Do For You

Our mission is to give every small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) access to a Digital Marketing Consultant. The free CampaignHero App, that you are using right now, is our greatest achievement yet and gives you access to a Digital Marketing Consultant right from your pocket but won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Watch this video to learn more. And read the article below for more information.

What does the app do?

Our smart technology is designed to help you manage your digital marketing endeavours as well as audit and review every element of your Digital Marketing strategy across multiple platforms Including Google, Bing and Facebook. Providing you with beneficial, intelligent and actionable improvement recommendations and optimisations that will give your marketing a boost. Our goal is your success.

But we don’t want to stop there. Through the app you will also gain access to the CampaignHero academy where you can learn all about a broad range Digital Marketing subjects including Local SEO, PPC, implementation and general theory to help boost your skills and teach you the opportunities available to you through Digital Marketing.

You will also have access to a qualified digital marketing professional through the live chat support feature.

How to Get Started

To make full use of the app you will need to connect an active digital marketing account to CampaignHero. CampaignHero will then audit your account(s),provided that they are active and have data in them from the past 30 days, and promptly begin sending you personalised improvement suggestions straight to your CampaignHero Inbox in the app. You will also have the opportunity to “set your goals” allowing CampaignHero to know what it is your priorities are  whether this is leads, conversions or return on investment.

To track your progress we will give you an “Account Rating” on the performance dashboard. You can improve your account rating by completing the improvements delivered to your inbox. Also on the performance dashboard are all the important metrics, graphs and KPI’s to help you understand the performance of your marketing accounts as well as the progress you have made.

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