Tracking conversions is normally treated as the holy grail of digital marketing measurement.

However, in order to influence and improve your conversions, you need to look at a lot of other indicators of how good your campaign is and give you clues on where, and how to improve it.

CTR is one of those great indicators, which you can learn more about in our more detailed CTR article here.

To really drill down on CTR though we're going to go a step further and segment by the device that a user sees our ad on. This will help us understand if there's more we can do specifically for mobile users to attract and influence them to our business.

To do this in Google Ads just follow the steps in this handy video to make sure you've got the CTR column enabled in your campaigns, then, segment by device!

Now that we can see what our mobile CTR is we can get to work trying to improve it (as much as possible!) With mobile usage growing globally it's important you maximise CTR and, try to make sure it's as close (or above) as your desktop CTR.

There are a few quick ways of maximizing this so why not check out our article on mobile calls to action (CTA) to get started!

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