From our articles you may already know about Ad Rank & Quality Score - it's SUPER important in determining how often & where your ads appear on the page. Plus, a higher quality score means you don't have to rely on bidding so high just to win the ad auction.

You can learn more about those concepts here, but in this article, we'll be talking about one of the key components of quality score "ad relevancy". It's an important one to us because it's one that we can directly influence and affect and it's (in our opinion) the quickest one to improve.

So what is relevancy?

Well, Ad Relevance Measures how closely your keyword matches the message in your ads. A below-average score may mean that your ads are too general or specific to answer the user’s query, or that this keyword isn’t relevant to your business.

Here's an example, I'm searching for "red shoes" online and I see two ads.

Example 1

Wide Range Of Shoes

Buy Some Shoes Online

Example 2

Amazing Red Shoes

The Biggest Range Of Red Shoes Online

Which one do you think might solve potential customers' needs quicker....that's relevant.

Now, obviously, this is a hugely simplified example but, it works. Making sure that whatever the potential types are reflected in your ad is a huge benefit - will mean that you get more relevant traffic (less wasted spending) AND the searcher is more likely to get what they want.

It's also a handy test - if you can't make the ad relevant to the search, then it's probably a good indicator that you've got the wrong type of keywords in your campaign and you should think about adjusting them as well!

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