Try segmenting your Shopping Campaign by priority to achieve a higher level of control over your account and ensure that your best selling products are getting the budget they need to flourish.

Did you know that in addition to splitting out your products into groups within a campaign you can also make use of shopping priority settings to determine which campaign should trigger?

Imagine this, you might have a store selling 80 widgets and a shopping structure a little like this:

  • High-Value Campaign (widgets worth over $20)

  • High-Profit Margin Campaign (widgets that you make more than 50% profit on!)

In each of the campaigns you might notice that you have, say 50 widgets, wait, 50 widgets per campaign...but you only have 80 types of widgets, what's going on?

Well, this probably means there's a little overlap of 30 widgets which are both high value, AND high profit. So when someone searches for one of those lucky widgets that exist in both campaigns, which one should it trigger from (and does it even matter). Well, if you have a good profit and are optimising for that it might be nice to prioritise this, knowing that you should be making a tidy profit on each widget sold from that campaign.

How to do it

You can do this by setting the campaign priority of the High-Profit Margin Campaign to "High" to do this, all you need to do is head to your campaign, press - settings. and update the "Campaign priority" which is under "Bid settings"

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