Expected Click Through Rate (Expected CTR) is one component of what makes up your "Quality Score"

Expected CTR is calculated based on your ads historical performance, so don't worry too much if your new ads have a below-average Ex. CTR.
The better the CTR of your Ads or Keywords, the better your Expected CTR will be.

You should review the Expected CTR of your ads and Keywords on a semi-regular basis to see where small tweaks and changes can make a big difference,

The higher your quality score the lower the cost per click (CPC) and the better your Ad rank will be, therefore, helping your ads to appear higher in the Google Search Engine results page. Ideally, your quality score should be a 7/10 or above.

In order to see your quality score, go into your ‘Keywords’ report and add the following items to your columns:

  • Quality Score

  • Ex. CTR (Expected Click Through Rate)

  • Landing Page Experience

  • Ad Relevance

The most effective way to increase your quality score is to have a compelling Call to Action (CTA) such as "Book Online Now", "Get a Free Quote" or "Order Online Now". This will help increase your Ex. CTR.

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