Google Shopping ads go beyond a text ad– allowing you to show potential customers a photo of your product, plus a title, price, store name, and more.

You can use shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or local store, and find better-qualified leads!

Like other Google Ads products, you can control your budget, bids, and exclude certain searches. Plus, you only have to pay if someone actually clicks on your ad.

Some of the main benefits of shopping ads over other ad formats are:

  1. Attention grabbing - clear product offerings including images and prices to attract buyers making them more likely to click and land on your page.

  2. Better quality leads - Shopping ads provide people with information on your product prior to clicking on your ads, reducing the bounce rate and increasing your chance of a purchase.

  3. Higher conversion rates - Compared to search ads, Shopping ads have on average a 26% higher conversion rate and a 23% cheaper cost-per-click which in turn can give a major boost to your potential ROI

  4. Broader Reach - More than one of your products can appear at a time, unlike with search ads where only one of your ads will appear.

Thanks to some exciting updates from Google, setting up shopping ads has never been easier. The new Website Crawling feature means that creating and populating a product feed is done automatically.

All you need to do is:

Sign up to Google Merchant Center here:

  • Add your business details

  • Verify your website

  • Let Google Crawl your site and extract the relevant information

  • Connect it to your Google Ads account

  • Set up your Shopping campaigns!

If you would like us to help you with setting up a Google Shopping Campaign then upgrade to CampaignHero Premium and we’ll do the hard work for you

For more advanced users, CampaignHero also offers a range of regular optimisations that work across both Google Ads and Google Shopping that can help you seriously improve your ad performance and reduce wasted spend.

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