As the name suggests, Sitelinks take your visitor directly to specific pages on your site – a particular product, contact form, or more. When a user taps or clicks on the links mentioned in the ad, they skip your landing pages or home page and are taken directly to what they want to purchase or know about your brand.

Example of an Ad with a Sitelinks Extension as it would appear on a desktop

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Sitelinks appear in several ways depending on the device used, position, and more.

On Desktops:

Your ad should include a minimum of 2 Sitelinks. The maximum you can have in an ad is 6.

Sitelinks can appear on a single line, or it may even fill up two lines of your ad.

On Mobiles, Smartphones

Your ad should include a minimum of 2 Sitelinks. The maximum you can have in an ad is 8.

Sitelinks appear in a single line in a carousel format. Users can swipe right and left on the carousel to browse various Sitelinks.

If your ad ranks first on the search results page, your Sitelinks are displayed more prominently.

You can highlight specific products, features, or benefits like free shipping, one-day delivery, and more.

●Direct your visitors to specific product or service pages.

●Gain additional real-estate for your ads.

How to Include Sitelinks Extensions?

In Google Ads, Head to the Extensions tab, and select Sitelinks Extensions from the drop-down button and click on “NewExtension.”In the “Add to” menu, select the level at which you would like to implement this extension. You can choose between Ad group level, Campaign, or Account. Create a new Sitelinks. Enter the Sitelinks text and specify the URL to be linked. Google recommends that you enter additional text about the link you are using in the Description fields below. Remember that you have to create 2 or more site links to be displayed. Save.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Sitelinks:

●Keep the link text short. Shorter links mean that more Sitelinks can be displayed.

●Frame link texts that reflect your products or services.

●Add descriptions for each link. This doesn’t reduce the number of links displayed.

●Try out enhanced Sitelinks to gain more real-estate at no extra cost.

●Schedule start and end dates and times for time-specific site links.

●Don't be redundant. Use Sitelinks to highlight offers not mentioned elsewhere in the ad copy.

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