What's that? You're missing out on more than 50% of potential customers searching for your business?

If you're opted out of mobile then that's exactly what you're saying - missing out on 50% of sales and visibility, ouch. We're sure there are reasons but, it's time to address them and get involved with your customers. They expect you to be ready, so you need to be!

If you're running a campaign and not opted into mobile that probably means that you've set a bid adjustment to reduce bids on mobiles (or tablets) to -100%.

Here's a few common reasons you might be opted out of mobile at the moment:

  • Mobile is too expensive and doesn't convert for me.

  • My site isn't mobile-friendly yet.

  • My target customers don't really use mobiles.

Well don't worry, we'll take all of that into account with our recommended set-up for mobile and opting in and saying yes, to generating mobile revenues.

Step 1

Make sure you have conversion tracking enabled in your account. If you don't have it set-up yet then please, read our simple guide on conversion tracking here.

Step 2

Stop manually bidding for things! Sure, there was a time when having complete control of bids was useful, but these days, there are simply too many things to consider to set the right bid manually. If you're manually adjusting bids once a week, and your competitors are doing it 100's of times a day based on device, context, time of day...there's only going to be one winner!

In most cases (with some exceptions) you'll want to switch to an automated bidding solution, to make the best choice for your needs, read more on automated bidding here.

By selecting an automated solution you're going to automatically be asking your platform (Google, Bing, or Facebook) to calculate the value of a mobile user and set an appropriate bid, meaning you won't be wasting money on mobile users if they aren't delivering you value anyway.

Step 3

It's time! Sort your website out, if you're not mobile-friendly (and you can take the test here then you're missing out on HUGE amounts of potential customers.) Being too slow, or not optimised for mobile these days really isn't an option. The biggest thing you can do for your ads right now is getting a mobile-friendly and super fast landing page sorted for your site!

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