Highlight Sales and Offers on Google Ads with Promotions Extensions

Promotions Extensions is one of the most powerful Google Ads features for e-commerce sellers and retailers to drive sales and boost current promotions. If you use sales or promotions to market your products or services, then you should give this feature a try.

What are Promotions Extensions?

It’s a clickable ad extension that appears below the ad text. Here’s an example of how a promotion extension looks in Google search results.

Image via B2B Web Marketing Hub

Why use Promotion Extensions?

●Higher CTR (click-through-rates) – Makes your ad stand out and pull in customer clicks.

●Easy maintenance – Set up a predefined list of promotions like Christmas sales, Back-to-school sales and use them for the right occasion.

●Easy to Schedule – Specify the dates, time, days of the week when you want the promotions to appear.

●Mobile Preference – Choose whether you want to show the promotion only for mobile users.

●Measure performance of the Extension – Just like all other Google Ad extensions, you can measure the conversion metrics and performance of this feature.

How to Set up Promotions Extensions?

Sign in to your Google AdWords account, navigate to the Ads & Extensions tab, and choose Promotion Extensions.

There are various fields that you can set up:

Occasion – Choose from 12 different occasions for promotions like Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more. If you don't want to choose any occasion specified there, leave the field as “None.”
Choose your preferred currency (GBP) from the list of available currencies.
Promotion Type – You can choose from 4 categories:

●Monetary discount - £10 off

●Percentage discount – 20% off

●Up to Monetary discount – up to £100 off

●Up to Percentage discount – up to 75% off

Promotion Requirement – Choose “None” if you don’t have any limitations. Else specify the requirement, such as “Valid on orders over £100.”
Promotion Item – Specify the products or services that are being offered.
Final URL – Specify the URL, which searchers have to click to take them to the promotion on your site.
Promotional Dates – This is an optional field. Use this to specify the start and end dates of the promotion. Use the“Advanced Options” tab to schedule the promotion on specific days, time of the week, and device.

Use the Promotions Extensions to highlight and increase the CTR of your promotions and offers.

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