Google AdWords has several extensions that help you increase the functionality and improve the appearance of your ads. The Call Extension lets you display your business phone number on your ad, which customers can click on their smartphones to call your business directly.

An Example

Imagine this: You own a “fish-and-chips” shop in Trafalgar Square. By adding the call extension button to your ad campaign, when a visitor searches for “fish and chips in Trafalgar Square,” one of your ads will be triggered. The visitor can then tap on your website to check out your menu and other details, or tap on the call button to place an order directly.

Why Use Call Extensions?

● Ease of the click to call button prompts customers to your business, as it reduces the searching time.;

● Makes your ad stand out. Ads with call extensions see an increase in click-through rates.

● Nearly, 70% of all searchers call a business directly from the search results page. (Google)

● Doesn’t cost extra. The clicks from ads with call extensions are billed the same as regular ad clicks.

Before You Start, If you try to include your phone number elsewhere in the ad text, then it may cause your ad to get rejected. If you want your customers to call your business directly, by clicking on the Call button displayed on the ad, then you need to include a Call Extension in your ad.

How to Set Up Call Extensions?

Head to the Extensions tab, and select Call Extensions from the drop-down button and click on “New Extension.” Fill in the form that pops up – Specify the country code and the phone number of your business. You have two different ways to use this extension. You select your preferred choice by selecting the corresponding checkbox.

Call-Only – This means only your phone number is clickable, and searchers using a mobile device, will be able to call your business directly from the ad.

Call Metrics – This is a tracking system, in which Google assigns a custom phone number for your ad. Calls made to this number will be rerouted to your business number. Choosing this option will cost you extra for every click. If you have any other tracking system, then you can skip this option.

Call Extensions are a simple but effective way to boost conversions and CTR (Click-through Rate). If driving customer calls is essential for your business, then using the Call Extension feature will add value to your business.

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