Callout Extensions are extensions available in Google Ads that help to highlight your ad. For example, if you offer free shipping, easy returns, then you need to highlight these features in your ads to stand out from your competitors.

The callout extension helps you highlight your unique features and offers, thereby enticing customers to click on your ad.

Where does the Callout Extension Appear on the Ad?

In the above ad, the line at the bottom is the callout extension. Here in this ad, the advertiser has chosen three callout extensions. You can add up to 10 callout extensions (each not exceeding 25 characters) to the text of your ad. Unlike site link extensions, Callout extensions are not clickable.

How to Create Callout Extensions?

In GoogleAds, Head to the Extensions tab, and select Callout Extensions from the drop-down button, and click on “New Extension.”In the “Add to” menu, select the level at which you would like to implement this extension. You can choose between Ad group level, Campaign account. Create a new callout. If you want to display the callouts, only on mobile devices, then select “mobile-only” callout. Type the text you want to be displayed in the callout extension. Save.

Pro Tip: You can Schedule Callout Extensions

If you wish for the callouts to appear only during a particular period, then you can use this option. Head to the Extensions tab and choose the callout you want to schedule. Select Advanced options. Enter the start and end date. You can also specify the days and hours during which you want the callout extensions to appear.

Before You Begin: Follow these Best Practices

Structure your callout extensions – When you add callout extensions at the account level, they appear in all your ads. Create different callout extensions, for all three levels – account, campaign, ad group level. For example, “Free shipping” is an extension that works for account level, while “Women’s winter wear 10% off” works for ad group level.

Use callout extensions to highlight your promotions and limited-time offers.

Keep it short – 12 to 15 characters work best, though Google allows up to 25 characters.

Use 4 or more callout extensions.

Use sentence case and not title case.

With the right callout extensions, you can make your ads stand out from your competitors and earn plenty of clicks.

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